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What’s a CRM and How can it Help my Business Grow?

What's a CRM and How can it Help my Business?

When you first start a business, managing all the information about your customers and contacts is relatively easy. However, once your business starts to expand, and more employees and customers start to become a part of your business, there is plenty of data. While the growth and expansion of your business is a great thing, information is spread across spreadsheets, memories, notepads, etc. which brings about the need to organize it. This is where CRM, Customer Relationship Management, comes in.

How can CRM help?

CRM can be described as a class of software tools with which organizations keep track of information like purchase history, preferences, personal information, progress, and history. Moreover, it will track all information linked to all of your prospects and make all the information accessible...

The Top 5 Cyber-Security Defenses for Small Businesses

Small businesses which lack the proper cybersecurity defenses will inevitably run into problems at one point or another. Thankfully, by employing the following safeguards, small businesses can save themselves from damaging amounts of professional and financial strife.

Protective Software

The installation of protective software is one of the best cybersecurity defenses for small businesses. Due to the nature of a small business, these enterprises are frequently targeted via means of viruses, malware, spyware, phishing, and ransomware. Setting up protective software can halt these attacks before their inception, especially against viruses and malicious spyware. Firewalls are another form of defense which small businesses should employ. This type of protective software creates a barrier between your computer and computers which are outside of your network. In a nutshell, firewalls prevent other PCs from latching onto, surveilling, and stealing your data.