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What is 4D printing?

You may have heard of 3D printing already - after all, it’s not a completely new concept (in fact, it’s more than 30 years old), using additives to print physical objects. That’s exactly what 4D printing is. It adds the dimension of transformation over time, so although it may start life as a physical object, such as a computer component, a prosthetic limb or any other physical thing, adding in a fourth dimension, such as an environmental condition, it can change its form and purpose autonomously. The difference between 3D and 4D printing is in the material in the method. In some applications, using a specific material, such as shape memory alloy can be used, with temperature changing the shape of the item. These can be printed in exactly the same way as 3D printed goods,...

Whats is a ‘NAS’ drive and how can it help my Business?

A NAS Drive, which stands for network attached storage is an external hard drive that plugs into a network, rather than a PC. This allows the NAS device - and whatever files are held on it - to be accessed by any device on the network. Most NAS devices also allow you to remotely access them over the internet, so you can be on the other side of the world, and still have quick and easy access to your essential files. One was of the ways it enhances the redundancy is allows to backup multiple Server to single location vs plugging multiple external HDD. Some of the new NAS drives come with a real-time monitor and alert the Tech when there are some issues on the Horizon. Which can really help when your backup is not...

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